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About Us

Welcome to Alpha Fashionista

Founded in Highland Park, Los Angeles, Alpha Fashionista draws on culture, art, and music to create a brand that reflects ultimate confidence and unmatched style. By embracing this culture, we have been able to design multiple collections that go way beyond accessorising.

Instead, our brand unleashes a community who are unapologetically themselves.

From our fedoras to our truckers, each unique design has one thing in common…It contributes to your story.

They contribute to your story.

Timeless Designs for the Modern Fashionista

Fashion is a form of art,  a way to show the world the creativity we harbour, an outlet for self-expression. Most importantly, fashion is the way we can show off our individualism every single day.

We understand our customers to their very core. We see your spirit, admire your creativity and commend your values. Here at Alfa Fashionista, we design our collections for those who wish to merge their spirit, creativity, and values and reflect this in their fashion to show their true individuality.

And we’re getting you there, one high-quality hat at a time.

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Alpha Fashionista

The History of the Hat

From the days of Sinatra to the modern-day world, hats have consistently represented a shift in culture.  What was once considered a symbol of status and wealth now adds a unique edge of your style. 

In fact, we consider hats to be the exclamation point of an outfit. 

Alpha Fashionista is redefining the impact a hat can have. Our carefully designed collections, help individuals realize the sheer confidence that comes with an exquisitely designed piece.

Craftmanship that doesn’t compromise on quality

Constructed from materials of the highest calibre, Alpha Fashionista enables you to feel your best all day, every day. Although our pieces have been designed for ultimate comfort and complete style, the careful craftmanship means your hat will stand the test of time. We don’t conform to one style, color, or design – we’ve created something for everyone.


A message from the founders

“Between us, we have had the honour of absorbing different cultures all over the world. Despite their differences, there was always one common denominator.


What made each culture unique was the individualism and empowerment they portrayed through fashion. 

And that right there is what we strive to deliver through Alpha Fashionista We continue to embrace the urban culture to allow our community to truly express themselves. From the minute we begin designing through to the production and packaging processes, we draw on contemporary music, film and art to craft a piece you can style with confidence.

“Because let’s face it – with great confidence comes great success.”

  • Jay Love and Sonny Dotson, cofounders.

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